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Lessons Agenda


Pre driving habits-circle check

Dashboard-various gagues,metre’s, (their location, function, and use)

Proper engine start

Putting the car in motion

Slowing and stopping

Hand-over-hand steering

Right & left turns

Backing Straight


Right & left turns at un-controlled intersections

Right & left turns at controlled intersections

Proper stopping postions

Right of way

Use of mirrors & blind spots

Rules of the road

Pedestrian crossings


Review (Improve Turns)

Review stopping positions

Review right of ways

3 point turns

Practicing turning

Practising Lane change


Backing staright and corners

Practising turns rules of the road, stopping positions

Stopping & Traffic (1 Car Length) practising 3 point turns


Review (Improve Turns) passing and overtaking

Left at Light (Large & Small)

One Way Streets / Parallel Parking

Running Commentry

Advanced & Extended Green


Angle parking, forward/backward parking

Hill start and stop

Practising 3 point turn

Driving in heavy traffic

Head On Collision Avoidence


Parallel parking

awareness of problems in advance

Stall Parking (Front & Back) practicing

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